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OpenStudy Announces SmartScore

At the Education Innovation Summit, a new company named OpenStudy is launching a new SmartScore initiative.  The system is designed to add a new dimension to student profiles so that measure students in a way that extends beyond traditional transcripts and rigid nationwide tests.  According to OpenStudy CEO, Chris Sprague, “SmartScore overcomes the limitations of traditional transcripts and assessments by evaluating behaviors broadly important to effective interactions in any group environment. SmartScore measures what ‘smart’ should mean today and will mean tomorrow: Adaptability, global citizenship, passion for learning, and enthusiasm for collaborative problem solving.”

The new OpenStudy system is designed to measure three core attributes of students: teamwork, problem solving, and engagement.  OpenStudy believes that these behaviors can more accurately reflect the dynamics, culture and growing needs faced by online education.  Additionally, these behaviors are believed to measure students “at the grassroots level” regardless of the student’s academic level.

Currently large universities such as MIT and SNHU have begun to partner with OpenStudy in an effort to test the effectiveness in real world deployment.  Overall results have looked beneficial so far for the majority of students in the program.  Perhaps this is the beginning of a potential change in how student grades are calculated.  I know I am not the only person to think that CAT, SAT and ACT tests can’t categorize every student in this country.  Perhaps new grading systems like the one being proposed by OpenStudy can offer more dynamic forms of education in school systems.

Source: OpenStudy

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Matt Nitzken